Nathan Stratton
Martinsburg, WV


With twenty years of experience in the telecommunications/internet industry, I have a reputation for “doing the
impossible.” Such notoriety has come through consistently offering solutions to major telecommunications/internet
problems, via my vast experience in detecting and resolving technical dilemmas, using cutting-edge resources and
equipment. I also have a unique ability to blend new technologies, like Natural Language Processing, Machine
Learning, WebRTC in such a way as to create a synergy that provides forward thrust and momentum in today’s
highly competitive telecommunications/internet environment. Being an “A type” personality, I am a self-starter who
works well alone with little or no supervision. I do however enjoy the collegial camaraderie and being part of a
team. I am capable, dependable, flexible, and can easily assume any role necessary to the life cycle of a project.
Specialties: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, CPaaS, UCaaS, VoIP, Video
over IP, SIP, WebRTC, Artificial Intelligence, Software Defined Networking, Network Cluster Filesystems, Cloud
Computing, Network Design, Consulting, Service Creation.


Founder, CTO – Vocinity, Inc.
Mar 2018 – Present
Vocinity provides a complete, contactless, conversational voice bot (cognitive agent) platform to the
healthcare, retail, hospitality, and financial services markets. We replace legacy enterprise technology,
manual data capture processes, and long hold times with “Alexa” or “Siri”-like interactions that deliver
more economical, contextual, rich-media, voice-based engagements. Our scalable and secure solution
can be deployed for use with phone systems, websites, mobile applications, digital signage, and QR

CTO – illumy inc.
Nov 2018 – Present
Stealth startup focused on building the next big thing in cloud communications – Persistent
Communications. illumy is the new way for people to connect and communicate in the digital age.

VP Technology – BroadSoft
Sep 2013 – Feb 2018 (4 years 6 months)
I joined BroadSoft as part of the acquisition of my previous company Exario Networks. As VP
Technology at BroadSoft, I was primarily responsible for driving innovation. I shepherd the video
conferencing and WebRTC platforms, helped identify and vet acquisition targets, and participated in
high-level corporate strategy. I helped lead the transition to the cloud leveraging GCP and AWS to allow
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products to auto scale over a global geographic deployment. As the technical leadership of BroadSoft
Labs, I oversaw the internal ideation, proof of concept, and then eventual productization.
Two products I am most proud of are Hub and Voice Assistant. Hub brings together email, contacts,
documents, storage and more giving you easy access to the most frequently used actions. Hub is a
platform that consumed services via 3rd party APIs and provides a rich set of APIs to others allowing
customers to create their own applications. The real power of Hub is its ability to provide contextual
information for the people you are communicating with. If you’re chatting with Bob as an example, it will
bring up past emails, documents, etc that you have shared with Bob.
Voice Assistant is a business personal assistant that integrates into your communications client as well
as your business applications. You can ask questions like “What does my day look like” and get an
overview of meetings and tasks for that day. Or you could say “I am going into a meeting please hold all
my calls” and the system would enable your do not disturb feature and automatically remove it after the
meeting is over based on your calendar. It’s important to note that while Voice Assistant does leverage
Google for Speech to Text and Amazon for Text to Speech, all of the Natural Language Processing and
Machine Learning is done locally and does not rely on any 3rd party platform.

Founder, CTO – Exario Networks
Apr 2012 – Sep 2013 (1 year 6 months)
Exario Networks, was a software development company that specialized in building and licensing core
WebRTC gateway technologies to telecommunications equipment and software vendors, telecom
carriers, and hosted application service providers. In September 2013 I sold Exario to BroadSoft, Inc.

Co-Founder, President, CTO – BlinkMind, Inc.
Nov 2007 – Mar 2012 (4 years 5 months)
The world’s first video telephone company based on its own patent-pending technology. BlinkMind,
not only offers all the traditional VoIP features, but also unique features such as it’s own 16 way video
conference platform with web-based leader controls.

  • Formed a strategic relationship and secured investment from Creative Labs
  • Developed 6 patent pending VoIP technologies
  • Designed and implemented a geographic cloud computing platform based on open source xen
    hypervisor. 100% of all BlinkMind software systems are virtualized on this cloud platform.
  • Deployed datacenters in New York, Dallas, Palo Alto, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Developed cluster storage system providing back-end storage for cloud computing platform and video
    storage. The initial system started at 100 TB distributed.
  • Designed network call record feature allowing for real-time recording of all SIP and RTP traffic flows.

Chief Technology Officer – Voila IP Communications
Aug 2006 – Sep 2007 (1 year 2 months)

  • Developed SIP Video Server and menu system allowing custom menus to be created in the core of
    the network and then dynamically displayed to users. The system supports H.264 streaming, video
    overlay, and stream switching between sources.
  • Developed IPTV platform supporting trick play (4 levels of ff/rw, play, pause, stop), progress bar
    and icon overlay, channel guide, live TV and network-based DVR functionality. The system not only
    provides standard program title search, but allow allows users to search all of the closed caption on
    saved programs and play associated clips.
  • Developed H.264 video conference system that dynamically adjusts grid size as participants add or
    drop supporting 2 – 16 displayed participants.
  • Created technology utilizing next generation CODECs, transcoding, and dynamic network and CPE
    configuration to provide a much higher quality voice and video user experience than is currently offered.

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder – Broadvoice
Nov 2003 – Jul 2005 (1 year 9 months)
As Co-Founder, CTO I was responsible for the complete technical side of the business from the creation of
the network, operations, to the expansion of features and services.

  • Selected key vendors such as BroadSoft core Feature Server and AcmePacket Session Border
  • Designed 6 POP global VoIP network serving customers in over 30 countries.
  • First to directly interconnect via SIP with two major national US providers.
  • First VoIP provider to allow users to bring your own device (BYOD), supported over 120 different SIP
    user agents on the network.
  • First VoIP provider to launch a WiFi phone.
  • First VoIP provider to expand local calling not just to the US, but to 21 countries.
  • Designed custom services and features that extended our VoIP platform.
  • Co-Authored IETF Draft (draft-ietf-mmusic-media-loopback
  • Successfully won and completed major RBOC VoIP trial
  • Designed cordless VoIP phone with a major phone manufacturer.

    In August 2012, Broadvoice was sold to Phone Power.
    In February 2014, Phone Power rebranded itself as Broadvoice.

Chief Technology Officer – Exario Networks
Apr 2000 – Jun 2002 (2 years 3 months)
As Chief Technology Officer at Exario, I was responsible for all aspects of the Exario voice and data
network. Responsibilities included serving on the board of directors, technical direction of the company,
staff management, network expansion and operation of the Exario voice and data network.
· Participated in securing $48 million in equity/debt.
· Designed 11-city nationwide network to provide advanced IP and voice services.
· Provided vision and strategy for Exarios advanced softswitch based voice services.
· Developed patent pending technology for the efficient delivery of voice and data services over 1 PVC
broadband links as low as 192kbps.

Founder, President – Tricetel Consulting
Jan 1998 – Jan 2000 (2 years 1 month)
Founded Tricetel Consulting in January 1998 for the purpose of providing telecommunications consulting
services to the competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) market. Through the course of Tricetel’s
existence, I have single-handedly won and executed contracts to design and build foreign and domestic
voice and data networks.
· Secured required codes including OCN, AOCNA, point, CLLI, NPA-NXX
· Work on several cases with clients who were in FCC mediation against ILECs regarding subtending
NXXs, adjacent CO UNE access, and sub loop unbundling.
· Designed CLEC networks including collocation, interconnection, fiber build outs and datacenter
· Selected and negotiated switch contracts with vendors on behalf of clients.
· Negotiated interconnection agreements in 18 states with over 12 ILECs and incumbents.
· Provided business plan assistance and CLEC strategy for many clients

I sold Tricetel Consulting in January 2000.

Founder – President, CTO – NetRail, Inc.
Jul 1994 – Sep 1997 (3 years 3 months)
Founded NetRail, Inc. July 5th 1994 for the purpose of providing Internet connectivity to the greater
Washington, D.C. area. NetRail provided T1 – OC3 connectivity to business and government clients.
Some of NetRail’s customers included US Treasury, Secret Service, and Yahoo.
· Designed and built nationwide IP/Frame Relay/ATM linking Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, New
York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.
· Designed and built telco grade data center/co-location facilities in Atlanta, GA. and Arlington, VA.
Including HVAC, fire protection, rack systems, lighting, high-voltage/low-voltage electrical distribution,
and layout.
· Designed Network Operations Network (NOC) to control and monitor the NetRail nationwide network
including all customers’ connections and peering sessions.
· Negotiated public peering with plus-forty ISPs, including AGIS, BBN, MCI, Netcom, PSI, Sprint,
UUNet, and other major NSPs became the eighth transit free provider.

NetRail sold to Cogent in September 2001


Leadership • Start-up • Natural Language Processing • Machine Learning • Strategic Consulting •
Private Equity • Venture Capital • Intellectual Property • Start-ups • Storage Virtualization