Projects / March 25, 2023

Several people have asked why the domain I started building mobile robots in the 8th grade (1991) and love robotics. I was blessed enough to get access to the internet when I worked at NASA Godered Spaceflight Center and fell in love with the Internet as well. I started my first internet company in

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Deepserver / March 7, 2023

Deepserver: Laser Cutting Service

For past versions of Deepserver, I used SendCutSend as my laser cutting provider, but as I went back to price parts of my new server, I noticed they were quite a bit higher than what I have seen in the past. I also had an issue with them shipping me the wrong parts last time,

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Deepserver / June 26, 2022

Hacking Supermico 12V Power Supply

I am working on a deep learning server that will have 8 Nvidia 4080 GPUs. The server will draw quite a bit of power and I want redundancy because our power will be 415/240 VAC three-phase system it made sense to use three 2000 W paralleling power supplies. This will give me about 4000 watts

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